What Is An Art-Earnative Life?



“Art-Earnative” is a riff on Alternative.

By using this made-up word, the intent is to convey a commitment to creating beauty in ways that are different and unexpected. Solutions to everyday problems will frequently be outside-the-box, and will be a combination of creativity, innovation, and an aversion to simply throwing money at the problem.

Traditional solutions to the needs of a home – water, shelter, food sources, utilities – will usually be rejected in favor of solutions that are more environmentally conscious, more aesthetic, less expensive and more cool.

While others may have pre-packaged their solutions to these problems in their attempts to make their incomes, these may or may not be the best fit for a different situation. Re-inventing the wheel in these instances is not necessarily a bad thing.

Re-inventing income sources to allow for a more creative lifestyle is definitely part of the plans. Diversified income streams allow for unexpected disasters, changing circumstances, and the intent to follow individual passions.