Day 40 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Health Challenges

Normally, I would not mention something as private as health, but since Recovering Health and Fitness is one of my categories, I feel that recent events require I deal with this in writing.

I won’t get into the details, as the point is how to go about recovering health, not whining about the lack of it.

First; handle the current situation. Get what treatment is appropriate and available.

Next; decide what changes need to be made to keep the current situation from recurring. Handle any needed diet changes, vitamins, exercise and especially make changes as needed to get better sleep. Supplements and medications frequently need to be taken earlier in the day to avoid interfering with sleep.

Third: Apply those changes.

I’ve covered our plans for growing more of our food several times, but it is worth mentioning again, as non-availability of fresh vegetables can block any plans to recover health. The on-going “supply chain issues” show no signs of ending.

Sadly, last summer’s garden completely failed for lack of water. We are working to get all our water barrels tied together so they get filled in the spring rains, and add more water storage. Plans exist to develop another water source by spring.

In the next two weeks, I’ll be starting seed flats here in the Homestead Office. I’ll be adding more plants to feed the birds and bunnies, so the cost of feeding them is less of a drain on cash.. Not just people food has been going up in cost! (I do need to sit down and work out just how MUCH more I’m having to spend on groceries for man and beast. I suspect that I’ll be getting steamed, not just my veggies!)

We are planning to add some strips of plantings in the barnyard for food for both bunnies and birds. The whole barnyard will be getting an aviary net so the birds can use the whole barnyard, not just their coop and run.

Forth: Observe results, adjust and repeat as needed.

Recovering health is a gradient process. Don’t beat yourself up about being where you are. Take your wins as you find them.


Day 29 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Work, and some little repairs

We had a heavy T-Storm swish through the area last night. We got a bit over two inches of rain, and woke up to about 15 people with no internet connection.

A large part of my job is as communicator for the local internet company. I passed on the list of the people that were down. That let the Technician pinpoint where the problem lay, and he had it fixed in a matter of minutes for most of them.

A couple people had more persistent problems, but I was able to pass them on and let the person know the problem would be addressed.

Then there was some chasing up on the few slow pay clients, and talking to prospective clients.

Light duty for me, but it keeps non-technical issues off the Senior Tech’s desk

In between calls I managed to do a couple minor repairs to some spindles.

My drop spindle had been getting kicked around in my tote bag, and the glue holding the whorl square to the shaft had come loose. I re-glued it. and it is much more stable now.

I made a couple air dry clay support spindles some time ago. The clay shrank as it dried, so the rose blossom shaped whorls needed to get glued also.