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Day 76 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Putting in some organization.

I’ve made several small orders for tools and supplies over the last couple weeks. Still waiting on one from Temu.

I wanted to try Temu and see if the complaints about it were warranted. Guess what? The complaints are valid. Not just the fact that it is supported by the communist Chinese Government, but the quality issues just aren’t compensated for by the low prices.

The shipping times are not predictable. When you are trying to set up production plans, this unpredictability can make for some serious issues.

Short version is that Temu is not something I’ll be trying again.

One of the things that did arrive is a holder for paint brushes. This will let me organize my leather tooling stamps, hole punches, rivet setters, awls, etc.

I picked up a set of desk organizers at Walmart. I’ll get my pattern print outs in the letter rack, and I’ll figure out how to use the small cup holders. I think the smallest cup will work for holding my wood burning tips.

Time to get back to the work desk!

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