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Progress in the Leather Workshop – Part 3

A good deal of progress was made today. The leather work desk was organized, I drew out two patterns and got one wallet back carved and tooled.

After letting it dry and taking another look, I realized that I’m not satisfied with the quality of the tooling. A large part of that is the long period of no practice. The smaller factor was the quality of the tools I had purchased. I found a better quality set at reasonable cost. It arrived, as well as some other tools and supplies.

I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole.

Yes, I downloaded and printed off some patterns for the projects on my worktable. However that took far too long! I have fairly limited production time and frittering it away online is not the best use of such a limited resource.

I have leather tooling and wood burning projects on tap.

Several of them are inspired by Celtic and Viking designs.

Got some more progress.


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