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“Challenging” Weather

Into the deep freeze we go!

We’ve had several below-freezing days already this month. We haven’t seen this image (this is from February 2021) but we’re not even done with January as yet.

The deep freeze from February 2021 taught us a few things. My post “Lessons from a Dangerous Situation – How Not to Die of Stupid” is a good one to re-visit.

We have done a few of the actions I mentioned in that post, though more needs to be done.

Health-wise; we both have been having some problems. We are trying to address this with vitamins, Rahn’s Health TreaT, less sugar, more sleep, and better eating.

On the better eating front, Rahn will be building a number of raised beds for the garden. We got a pair of 275 gallon IBC totes, so the lack of water that doomed my gardening efforts the last few years will be handled.

I have a good mix of seeds in my stash, and several seeds catalogs have arrived. I plan to inventory everything so I don’t double up, but will order what key varieties are missing.

A pressure canner was added to my resources last year, and we were able to get a used freezer. More jars do need to be purchased.

An order for more chicks has been made, and scheduled to arrive the second week of April.

A big part of the garden plans this year are including feed for birds and bunnies. Feed them well, the nutrition from them is improved.

The IBC totes and several 55 gallon drums will be our water storage for rain water collection. One of the IBC totes can be put on a trailer on in the back of the pickup truck to be filled at a neighbor’s house. The mobile IBC may not be needed once we get gutters the rest of the way around the house and the Homestead office shed. We will also be installing a multi-stage water filter setup.

We were able to obtain a tank-less water heater, and that will be getting installed when we remodel the master bathroom. The wood stove water heater options may still happen.

We dropped out going to the gym, though we will start back in the next week or two.

The wood stove is now working, and a fair amount of firewood is cut, stacked, and dry. Both our generators now work. We have gotten two 4 KW inverters, though we still need to get batteries. Plans also exist to get a small wood stove for the Homestead Office.

Freedom should imply that we take our self-responsibility seriously.

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