Blog or Vlog 365 Recovering Health and Fitness

Day 62 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Health Challenges and New Plans

I’ve been having a rough time. Not to get into details, but I have multiple doctor appointments coming up.

My primary doctor is probably going to adjust my diabetes medications this week. That’s been the roughest bit.

Rahn and I are going to go to the gym this week. I really need to start getting some more exercise and so does Rahn.

One issue has been more backaches when I’m on my feet too long, so I plan to put in some exercise time in the pool at the gym. Some time on the stationary bike is also in my plan.

Another thought is to just do some walking around the property, but the backaches are making that less attractive.

Sleep hasn’t been great, either. My eyes have a tendency to drift open while I sleep so light can easily wake me. I either need to wear a sleep mask or darken my room some more. Then there is the temperature in my room. I like a cool room, but not too cool. It was either too cold or too warm in my room last night, so I need to find a better setting on the space heater.

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