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I just had to replace my router. While there are no moving parts, routers suffer from power surges and can short out.

This radio power supply died of a direct lightning strike. Not mine, thank heaven! You can see that it got completely blasted. The owner stated that the outside antenna, the surge protector / power bar, the radio power supply and the router were all destroyed. Fortunately the house had a good ground and there was not a fire, and his computers and TVs were all okay.

Storm damage hit a couple of the local internet towers. This one lost the top thirty feet or so.

And this one completely broke over the building and took several weeks to replace.

Another tower took a lightning strike and most of the radios had to be replaced. That took about a week and a lot of climbing. When it’s over one hundred feet up, it takes a fit and fearless person to handle the job!

Of course, the tower climber is not going up when there are still electric storms in the area!

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