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Day 55 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Yesterday I finished wrapping up leaving the promotional project. I believe I have managed to become more philosophic than shocked by the loss.

If you don’t fail, you aren’t trying new things.


Moving on.

This image is a 3D printed electric spinning wheel known as a Nano. It’s a lot of fun, and I have toyed with the notion of taking it to the gym and spin while spinning on the stationary bike.

I think that would be a cute video. Not today, however. Rahn is having a lot of back pain yesterday and today. I was hoping we could go to the gym today, but he is not feeling up to a ride in the truck.

I have an appointment today and some errands. I’m planning on sitting down at my large spinning wheel when I get home and work on spinning flax.

My Jensen spinning wheel was built for me thirty years ago by a skilled wheelwright in Wisconsin. I have spun miles and miles and miles of yarn with it.

This pile of yarn was spun on my Jensen wheel and is about two sheep’ worth of wool.

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