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“Temporary” Structures.

This might be subtitled with That escalated quickly.

While tossing a plastic tarp over a firewood pile might work in the short run, having dry firewood, lumber, or protecting tools from weather and wildlife can require something a bit more substantial.

We’ve used tarps and the like for several purposes. The front porch needed something for shade, The chicken run needed some protection, the firewood pile and the lumber for the back deck need to stay dry, and the tools need some protection and an organized space until a more substantial tool shed can be built.

Tarps are readily available, reasonable in cost, and can be useful. They can also be easily damaged, are pretty ugly, and less-than-environmentally appropriate.

The tent panels in the above photo had several uses prior to that picture. They had been part of my trade tent at craft fairs, shade for the chicken run, cover for a trailer load of materials, and finally assembled into the shade for the front porch. They finally broken down with heat and wind and were replaced with salvaged roofing material.

Until a chicken coop was built, a large tent was used to provide shelter for the rabbits and chickens. With the expansion of the rabbit housing, more tarps are currently in use. An aviary net will be going over the entire barnyard so the chickens will have more space to roam without risking losses to hawks and owls. The rabbit cages will eventually have an actual building to protect them from extremes of weather.

A new tarp covered frame is attached to the side of the Homestead Office shed for tool storage until a more permanent structure can be built on the south side of the house. The tarp tool shed is about 8×12, and the more permanent structure will be about 4×16 with outward opening doors that will eliminate the need to walk inside. This will let the area be more fully utilized without having walkways.

Some of the ideas regarding the new back deck include partial roofs, storage cabinets that also take clutter out of the picture, and concealing the meter box and electrical panel. While those ideas are not for temporary coverings, that is more in line with the thinking that has brought about the temporary solutions.

We are constantly re-thinking how we are developing and changing here at the Homestead.

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