Blog or Vlog 365 Recovering Health and Fitness

Day 44 of 365 Blog or Vlog

A key part of recovering Health and Physical Ability is getting my vision back. I’ve had cataracts for a while and lack of financial help has made me have to wait for my Medicare to kick in.

I am very hopeful that the surgery will let me do all the reading and artwork that I have not been able to do in the last months

The ophthalmologist did admit the the severity of the cataract is such that the pre-surgery measurements may be a bit off, and my post-surgery eyes will need more correction than he thinks. Not a biggie, as long as it can be corrected and I can read, drive, and do all the things I need to.

Finally, I will be able to get the hordes of creative ideas out of my head and into the real world. It’s been getting pretty crowded in there. I do like having a lot of information in my head, but this has been getting to be ridiculous!

I expect that I’ll have to go back to using lists again once I can read.

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