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Day 43 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Mother Nature is a psycho.

We’re going to go from single digits to highs in the 70s in less than a week. While I’m grateful for the more moderate weather, this past week has not been kind to most of the country. I’m glad we didn’t have to travel in that mess!.

More clement weather makes me think of spring and planting. I’ve been giving more thought to garden design as applies to our odd-shaped property.

Most of the plants will be in raised boxes about the size and depth of two or three five gallon buckets. I’ll have a group of them outlining the sunniest corner of the property, a 20’x20′ area between the front porch, the south end of the house, and the Homestead Office shed. This is where I plan to have at least six Climbing Triple-Crop tomatoes, multiple pepper plants, and some summer squash.

The Kellog’s Breakfast tomatoes will be in a planter at the other end of the house to try to keep from inadvertent crosses.

I’ll have two lines of planter boxes going from the shed out to the mailbox on either side of the walkway that comes down to the office. Eventually, we’ll have the front porch expanded northward along the front of the house. I’d like to not have to move the planter boxes out of the way of that expansion.

Rahn has mentioned only building eight planter boxes. Sadly, he’s thinking too small. Either we’re going to need a lot more planter boxes, or we’re going to have to till open a number of beds, and more plants are going to need to be trellised.

The image above is the “before” and I have a mind’s eye view of the plants during this summer.

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