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Day 42 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Planting and bits and pieces of other projects

Several things are going on. I have some sweet potatoes in water in the kitchen to get some slips started, I ordered some additional seeds from Azure Standard for this year’s garden, I’m still working on cutting up t-shirts, and I’m starting an artistic sculptured box series to post on Amazon Handmade.

It does seem like a random collection, but the connecting thread is the time and space to work on these things.

I want to get the t-shirts cut up to clear space to work on the sculptured boxes.

The boxes need to get assembled to use up the cardboard and clear the corner of my office to have space for the rack for the seed starting.

Getting the boxes completed and sent to Amazon Handmade will start a new income line.

Once I have the seed starting rack set up in my office, I can move the trays I have in the kitchen to the office.

It does all make sense when I put it in order.

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