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Day 37 of 365 Blog or Vlog

My main income is from a work-at-home customer service position. Since the ISP I work for does not have a brick and mortar office open to the public, I can do all my work from my homestead office.

Being able to work from the homestead without leaving the homestead is a HUGE help.

With all the stresses of our lives, being able to get a stable source of income is a constant concern. We are attempting to diversify our income streams so that we don’t have to depend on ONE thing that can yanked out from under us at any time.

Our plans include a number of ways that we can get new and expanded sources of income.

Our current income is limited and is not keeping up with the crazy inflationary pressures. This is not at all uncommon. I think our plans are rather creative and in line with the idea behind our site name. Earning our living in creative ways. does not provide income itself, but it is the basis and center of our income efforts.

When we make blog posts, included links will go to our Amazon Affiliate items. These are all things that I have personally researched or purchased on Amazon. Since I get everything from cat food to power tool;s on Amazon, these links will be quite varied.

As videos get shot, edited and posted, I hope to expand our subscriber and membership base. This will get those links in the video descriptions. Eventually our videos will get monetized. The requirements are not difficult to meet. (1K subscribers & 4K hours of viewed content.)

Plans include getting Patreon members. I still need to research the requirements on this.

Then there are my plans to make items and get them listed in Amazon Handmade. The posts associated with these will provide opportunities to add afflilate links to the supplies and tools involved.

The full tutorials will be Patreon membership perks, though I will also add the tutorials to my online publishing for indivual purchase.

Products and Tutorials will also be listed in the website “store”, though the links will be re-directs to the Handmade store listings and my online Publishing .

One little-known ability of the Fulfillment by Amazon logistics is to have FBA handle the fulfillment of orders placed on other sites. For example, if an order is place on my website, I can forward it to my FBA account to handle the shipping.

These plans are designed to create multiple income streams without having to leave the homestead. How successful this is remains to be seen, but we have high expectations.

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