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Day 35 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Today is a production day for my Amazon Handmade store.

I plan to make several pirate treasure chests and book-shaped treasure boxes. I’ve gathered up several of the Amazon shipping boxes that will give me the cardboard for the basic box.

First round is to build six each small treasure chests and book boxes. I’ll make a template for each.

Then, cut the cardboard. In order to get a substantial “feel” each box will be made of double layers of cardboard.

Next each box will be assembled using my hot glue gun

Then each box will get a decoupage layer of torn brown craft paper and glue. This will give a good base for the decoration and reinforce the joints of the box.

While each will be decorated individually, I’ve decided on some themes:

  • Roses
  • Oak leaves
  • Leather tooling
  • Cats
  • Dragons
  • Straps and studs
  • Combinations

I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos that are my inspiration for this project. None of mine will be more than superficially like the YT examples. I am keeping in mind that I will need to build these with with the goal of selling them to make a profit.

They will need to be shipped to Amazon to be added to the Fulfillment by Amazon program. This will limit the practical size and complexity. Something with fragile 3D decoration will need to be packed quite carefully.

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