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Day 28 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Demonstrating Spinning

Demonstrating can be a traffic-stopper.

The changes brought by the Industrial Revolution have taken many skills out of common knowledge. Fast fashion has filled many closets with cheap fabrics and the skill to make them fit or even be repaired has faded from view.

The idea that someone can do the whole range of steps to make an article of clothing is usually thought of as being backward and primitive.

My personal opinion is that this view is pretty short-sighted. Stories in the news and rampant inflation should give us some incentive to think about this.

A local history festival gave me the opportunity to bring my spinning wheel and do some spinning in public.

A few dozen people were exposed to an expert spinster using line flax to spin linen thread. I didn’t have the opportunity to teach anyone how to spin, though I passed out quite a few business cards.

As I get new videos done and posted, my hope is to start the conversation about more conscious decisions about clothing, skills, and resources.

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