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Day 22 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Some progress on the gardening!

I planted a number of grow bags a few weeks ago, and they are doing well.  A dozen more grow bags and a few pots are ready to get planted.

The main reason that I am doing grow bags and pots is simply that I don’t have any decent soil on the property. It’s all sandstone gravel. While I’m thankful that our rains will not turn our growing area into a quagmire, it makes gardening harder.

The rabbit cages all need to get cleaned. This will get mixed with soil and some aged compost. Rabbit manure is not “hot”, so it can get used directly in the garden.

I have quite a bit of vegetables I still want to plant, and the fiber and dye plants need some more general areas.

I did plant a half-dozen “Three Sisters” groupings in some tires south of the camper trailer. The big part here was to keep anyone from parking there out of sight of the house. It’s also an experiment.

I’ve never tried “Three Sisters” before. Corn to provide support for beans to climb, beans to provide nitrogen, and squash to shade the ground and conserve moisture.

I probably wildly over-planted the tires, but there is quite a bit of space for the squash vines to run.

I planted¬† winter squashes – Blue Hubbard, Striped Cushaw, and Pie Pumpkin. Beans included Vermont Cranberry, Jacob’s Cattle, and Lima beans. The corn is a heritage type sweet corn that was unlabeled in my storage. I’m hoping it’s a red corn, but I’ll be happy with what I get..

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