Blog or Vlog 365 Recovering Health and Fitness

Day 19 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Updating from older blog This is some of my activities when I was first putting attention on recovering my health

Ever feel like you simply can’t get up to do something? It seems that my physical deconditioning is very nearly making that thought true.

While I had received the resistance band set just before New Year’s Eve, I didn’t start with them until this week.

To start, I am alternating using the resistance bands with sets of ankle and knee rotations while seated. I have also been working on getting the apartment fully cleaned and re-organized. While I had a friend come over to run the rented carpet shampoo machine, I also had considerable work to do to make it possible for him to do his part.

The place does look vastly improved! And I repeatedly got my heart rate up, while not getting too out of breath.

I did feel truly worn out last night, though.

Last night, I dreamed that I was able to ice skate again. I wouldn’t even be able to get skates on over my swollen feet at present. That is my first target: getting the swelling down. I may be able to move more easily if my feet and legs aren’t as swollen and stiff as they are now.

There are several ways that come to mind of accomplishing this, and I plan to use them together.


  • Get a “foot spa” to soak my feet and handle the dry skin.
  • Get a skin lotion that doesn’t irritate the over-stressed skin of my lower legs and feet and use it daily.
  • Once I get enough reduction in swelling, start using compression stockings to help it along
  • Exercise my feet, ankles and knees with the resistance bands.
  • Get my feet up on a stool while I am working on the computer.
  • Set aside time to use my spinning wheel every day. The treadling action on my wheel is very mild but persistent.
  • Change my 1957 Singer sewing machine over to treadle operation. Also set aside time daily to sew. The treadling action for a sewing machine is different, and a bit more intense than my spinning wheel, and involves the knees more.

The last two actions also have the benefit of getting a product.

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