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2013 has been a challenging year. 

It has been defined by illness and physical issues that have only gotten harder to deal with. 

The so-called “Health Care Law” is imploding. My hope is that it ends fast enough and hard enough that our health care system can be rebuilt into a more sane open market framework. As far as I am concerned, this socialist framework that we’ve been getting force-fed is obscene and has dire consequences.

My doctor quit rather than continue under this system, and I was unable to get a new doctor before I was informed that in order to keep what coverage I did have, I would be required to sign up for medicaid.  I looked at what that would have as consequences for me, and decided that the risks were unsupportable. 

Then there is the fact that the more treatment I got, the worse I felt and did physically. That tells me that the medicos have the wrong “Why” and I should look at how and when I went downhill physically, and reverse the change that was made then to start repairing the damages. 

The healthiest I’ve ever been was in 1996 when I was living in the Rockies. 

Granted that was seventeen years ago, and bodies do age, but the fact was that I had clean air, non-fluoridated water, non-feedlot meats – including quite a bit of wild game – and I was doing a lot of daily exercise in just the course of daily chores.

When my husband at the time couldn’t be at the altitude and we moved to Oklahoma, I was able to keep in a fair amount of the non-industrial meats, and was getting clean food from our own large garden. I still had lots of exercise, but the health really went downhill when I was exposed to some pretty heavy air pollution at my job – epoxies and solvents. I got out of that job and started doing better for several years. 

I moved to Texas and was having some ups and downs. A stint in Florida saw some marked improvements, but that ground was lost again not long after I moved into my current apartment three years ago. 

This has been the most dramatic slide. The largest difference? Air quality. This complex is directly under the landing pattern for the DFW airport, and I am pretty sure that the building has a mold problem also. 

I’ve attempted to make other changes to get back in healthier eating, exercise, even going to bottled water to get away from fluoridation, but I’ve had more difficulty breathing, high blood pressure issues, and I’ve gained weight. A lot of weight. 

In Hartsel, CO 1996






In Denison, TX 2013












I am told repeatedly that I should lose weight, and if I do, I’ll feel better physically. I think that this is the wrong way around. While I have always been heavy, the health issues predated the largest amount of excess weight gain. Since the weight gain did not cause the health issues, I do not believe that weight loss itself will reverse the health problems. 

My plan is to turn this thinking on it’s head and start by deciding to feel better. I believe that by doing this, I can start to reclaim my body as my own, and not the medical establishment’s.

I plan to move out of the DFW metro area as soon as my current lease expires. This will be in several more months, so I plan to start by getting some exercise back in on a gradient that doesn’t cause more shortness of breath. 

The doctors have said that I need to be on home oxygen – which I can’t afford – and walk more – which the shortness of breath makes nearly impossible.

So, the current scene is that I am a middle aged obese female with high blood pressure, heart failure, edema, shortness of breath on even mild exertion, and I am fed up with it!

My goals include – 
Regain the ability to walk long distances, work in the garden, shop without need for the electric carts, carry loads, hike in the outdoors, dance, and sleep without snoring.

When I get my body doing what I want, I feel that I’ll be able to do more creative activities and live art in my life.


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