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Day 13 of 365 Blog or Vlog


I had a fall the other day and basically wrecked my right knee. While it’s swollen, painful, and difficult to get up and down stairs, I feel that I should keep in some level of activity.

We are using some over-brewed kombucha on a towel as a poultice on my knee. This has given me some relief.

I’ll still be making my way down to the Homestead Office and working on several projects.

One of them is some rearrangement of the work area. I’ll be swapping the positions of my computer monitor and TV so I can clear one table for the wood burning and glass embellishment projects.

We’ve discussed how drinking kombucha has helped both of us in the past. New batches of kombucha need to be brewed. A new starter culture has been ordered, and will be here in a couple days.

Once we have freshly brewed kombucha, we’ll be drinking it every day. From experience, home-brewed has much higher levels of probiotics and is far more effective at lowering inflammation.

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