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Day 8 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Moving forward on the garden plan.

We were discussing a fast way to get started. Solving the time / money / energy equations can call for some very creative solutions.

Instead of spending money on grow bags or commercial raised bed kits, we realized that feed bags could be re-purposed as grow bags.

When time and energy permit, we will be building raised beds around groups of bags. At the end of the growing season the bags will be emptied into the boxes with additional soil and compost.

Yesterday I got seed potatoes, onion starts & garlic bulbs from the feed store. It is important to get seed potatoes that are not infected with potato wilt and not treated with the sprouting inhibitors commonly used on grocery store potatoes.

I prepped the seed potatoes this morning. What this entailed was cutting up the three pounds of seed potatoes into multiple pieces with one or two “eyes” apiece. While not a process that commercial farmers would use, this lets me multiply the number of potato plants

Now I have to let the pieces dry out and scab over before we plant them.

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