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When does a garden start?

Is it when you put a shovel in the dirt in spring? Does it start when the seed catalogs arrive in the mailbox? Or when plants are purchased at the garden center?

I believe that a garden starts with the dream. That “mind’s eye” image of horticultural passion and creation. Where do the roses go? The summer squash? Are record-sized cabbages planned? Or trays of microgreens? Are the plantings precise and formal? Or a riot of color and abundance?

I’ve been giving a good deal of thought about how I plan to get our garden functioning this year. Since there isn’t any soil on our property that would support crops, the garden will be containers. Fairly large ones.

I purchased a number of grow bags some months ago, and then realized that I have an on-going source of grow bags – the empty feed sacks from feeding the rabbits and chickens.

We have quite a bit of compost from the animals. I’ll mix it with dirt from the chicken run, the rabbit tractor, and the embankment behind my homestead office. I’ll be able to fill all the grow bags I have and some other containers.

As time permits, we plan to build some raised beds that the grow bags can be put into.

Once I finish the Amazon Handmade photos and packing, I’ll be doing the seed starting in my office.

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