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Day 4 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Winter weather in north Texas, Amazon Handmade listings process

The storm was pretty substantial, but not nearly on the level of February 2021.

The cold was pretty impactful. I saw a number of vehicles fishtail and slide on the small hill in front of the property.Some melting occurred today, but there will be a fair amount of re-freezing tonight, with thawing and re-freezing cycles over the next couple days.

My grocery order arrived. I am not in the delivery area, but the delivery driver is willing to add me as a favor (and for a handsome tip). I may continue getting my groceries this way even after I get my truck back.

Speaking of my truck, I don’t really expect to get it this week. I don’t expect that the mechanics will be working until road conditions improve, as well as the likelihood of the work area being far too difficult to heat when it’s in the teens.

Starting to collect what I need to put together the Amazon Handmade listings, and to ship them to Amazon to take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

My new printer arrived and is unboxed and set up. Some of my labeling supplies arrived, with the winter weather delaying one of the key items – the 30-up sheets of labels for sku / barcode labeling. This isn’t a huge impediment. I’ll be able to create the print file and make sure I have the individual packages staged in order for when I can print and stick. I have my packaging bags handy, and can set up for photos.

Study –

Remove background in Photoshop to leave pure white background for main image.
Watch tutorial on creating Amazon listings
Learn how to submit items for FBA

Actions –

  • create business cards / general labels
  • lay out photography and packaging line
  • take photos
  • package items, making sure to keep things in the same order as photos
  • add general labels
  • create any needed use / care write-ups
  • add as needed to packaging
  • write up listings
  • get SKUs / barcodes assigned
  • create print file
  • label individual packages
  • submit items for FBA
  • package and ship to Amazon

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