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Day 3 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Plans for yucky weather.

There are any number of things I can do in bad weather. I’ve decided to pick out a few.

IMy Amazon Handmade account is recovered, so I need to start the whole listing and packaging process. It’s fairly persnickety, so coffee will need to be in hand.

The Amazon photo guidelines are pretty specific. This will require me to create a white photo box to get good light and white background high resolution images. Once I have the photos , I need to write good descriptions of all the items, Package them, get bar codes assigned, and get them ready to send to Amazon.

I do have one stop point – that is the current lack of a printer. I have a printer on order, but it may not arrive until Friday. Still; I can have the file ready to print all the labels.

Part of this will be making more “Round TUITs” wood burned rounds. A package of larger – 4 inch – rounds arrived today, so it will take me some time to work my way through them.

Some of these rounds will become fiber tools – drop spindles, to be precise.

The wood burning reminds me of tooled leather, and I enjoy using those kinds of designs in wood burning. The above discs need some more refinement, and some stain. Still, I’m fairly satisfied with the start;

Approximately 5 pounds of fine flax for spinning linen thread was added to my fiber stash recently. I have my spinning wheel set up for spinning this. I will be able to settle in for marathon spinning.

This image doesn’t look like much, but it will be a pair of hand spun scrappy wool socks. Knit of various bits and pieces of sample wools, it is unremittingly colorful and cheerful. I suspect that they will stay in my wardrobe, rather than being offered for sale.

I think these plans will keep me occupied when I’m not working from home this week.

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