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Trying not to be stupid.

The weather later this week is going to be potentially hazardous. While it won’t have the far-reaching effects of last year’s freeze, it does need to be prepared for.

Forecast low temperatures are not projected to get to single digits, and the total time below freezing is expected to be only two days, and not over a week. It does appear that this will be more of a sleet / freezing rain / ice event than snow and cold.

Most people in Texas are woefully unprepared to drive in such conditions, so not being on the road is a far better plan.

ERCOT interim CEO  Brad Jones has been quoted as saying that the power grid will not go down this time. He says that the last twelve months have brought considerable improvement in preparedness.

Propane suppliers have not matched the winterization progress, so that is something of a concern.

I was just talking to my work supervisor, and we discussed at what point our field techs would be sent home.

Since I work from my Homestead Office, I have no plans to be on the road at all. My main challenge will be in keeping the Office warm enough to work.

Rahn will be getting water moved, and get some more bottles filled. The stock tank heater will be put into one of the storage barrels.

I did get a grocery order put in and the driver will be able to pick it up and get it to me before the weather rolls in.

Next post will cover some of my plans for while the weather is yucky.

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