While Under Construction!

Lots of decisions to be made in the process of building a new website!

artearnativelife.com is live, but a LOT of editing needs to happen!

I loaded a boatload of image files into the media folder a couple days ago.

Now I need to go through all my old blog posts that I have loaded in Adobe Dreamweaver editor, bring them all up to current information, add images, and affiliate links.

As I get the blog posts ready to put up, I need to make notes on the planned YouTube videos that will accompany / embedded in the blog posts. Then these videos need to be shot, edited and posted on our YT channel.

The plan here is to do video explanations of the blog posts. For example: a video of me spinning yarn will communicate the process better than a written description.

We learned that YouTube does not monetize channels that don’t yet have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watched videos. While we are building up to that , we plan to get some income from affiliate links and direct sales of our products via the website and Amazon Handmade.

I’ll post the YT channel link as soon as I get it set up. Subscribers are definitely needed! I hope to start getting videos edited (I have hours and hours of video material on the computer!) this coming week.

The website will have five main categories:
The Homestead – will cover the house, land, and construction projects
The Farm – covering the garden and food animals
Fiber & Fabric – regarding all things floofy as well as sewing, designing, and patterns (both free and paid)
Art & Music – Plans exist for Rahn to record music tutorials, he’ll be writing new music, and may even be building some custom guitars. I’ll be discussing and offering my artwork for sale.
Cooking and Food Storage – I plan to do at least one “What’s For Dinner” video a week. I’ll try to concentrate on basic cooking that does not rely on processed foods. Segments are planned on bread making, dehydrating garden produce for winter storage, canning, pickling and freezer stocking.
Recovering Health and Fitness:  This is aimed at the ways a couple in their sixties can turn the clock back. Food that is lacking in additives, exercise, nutritional supplements are all part of the plans. We are now going to a local gym and working with a professional trainer.