Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365

Day 77 of 365 Blog or Vlog

The leatherwork and wood burning is now organized.

Next the drawing, painting, beading, and sculpting supplies need to get organized.

After that, I need to dig out my fiber stash and get that organized.

Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365

Day 76 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Putting in some organization.

I’ve made several small orders for tools and supplies over the last couple weeks. Still waiting on one from Temu.

I wanted to try Temu and see if the complaints about it were warranted. Guess what? The complaints are valid. Not just the fact that it is supported by the communist Chinese Government, but the quality issues just aren’t compensated for by the low prices.

The shipping times are not predictable. When you are trying to set up production plans, this unpredictability can make for some serious issues.

Short version is that Temu is not something I’ll be trying again.

One of the things that did arrive is a holder for paint brushes. This will let me organize my leather tooling stamps, hole punches, rivet setters, awls, etc.

I picked up a set of desk organizers at Walmart. I’ll get my pattern print outs in the letter rack, and I’ll figure out how to use the small cup holders. I think the smallest cup will work for holding my wood burning tips.

Time to get back to the work desk!

Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365

Day 75 of 365 Blog or Vlog

I started this 365 Blog or Vlog series in January of 2022.


I need to do some serious catching up. The good news is that I have plenty of things to write about.

Projects include the leather working that have been the topic of a few posts. Wood burning, spinning, gardening, art, construction, music, off grid power and water are all coming up.

We need to finish the inside of my office, get ready for new chicks, build more rabbit housing, and dozens of other projects.

Back to the work table!



Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365 Fiber and Fabric

Day 74 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Progress in the Leather Workshop – Part 3

A good deal of progress was made today. The leather work desk was organized, I drew out two patterns and got one wallet back carved and tooled.

After letting it dry and taking another look, I realized that I’m not satisfied with the quality of the tooling. A large part of that is the long period of no practice. The smaller factor was the quality of the tools I had purchased. I found a better quality set at reasonable cost. It arrived, as well as some other tools and supplies.

I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole.

Yes, I downloaded and printed off some patterns for the projects on my worktable. However that took far too long! I have fairly limited production time and frittering it away online is not the best use of such a limited resource.

I have leather tooling and wood burning projects on tap.

Several of them are inspired by Celtic and Viking designs.

Got some more progress.


Art and Music Art-earnative Life Farm Blog or Vlog 365 Homestead Recovering Health and Fitness

Day 45 of 365 Blog or Vlog


A lot of positive changes will be coming up here at the Homestead for 2023.

With my upcoming cataract surgery, I will have a key part of recovering Health and Fitness going into place. This will allow me to make headway on my art plans, and may even let me add a new musical instrument to my abilities.

Rahn has a pair of new instruments on layaway – a guitar and a bass. I’d like to get a saxophone, and being able to see will let me learn to play it. I may also see if I can get a new clarinet. I used to be pretty good at playing clarinet, and skill on a clarinet should translate to being able to play sax fairly quickly.

We’ve been discussing the layout for this year’s garden. I have the seeds I need, and will be getting some seeds started this week. Rahn will be getting a new top on what will be my main potting bench (hopefully) today. I still need to get potato, garlic and onion sets.

Plans for a more stable water source are also moving forward. Meanwhile; with rain in the forecast for tomorrow, I’ll be getting the water collection tubs put back in place today.

The new tool shed is progressing nicely. The walls are up, and Rahn will be starting to organize and store the tools in it. That will get some of the things that are currently in my Homestead Office relocated.

I got some warning that the pay structure at my work will be getting updated. While this may be good news, I have some ideas about making a new stream of income. I’ll be starting a new line of products to resurrect my Amazon Handmade store.

Rahn plans to build the new back deck today. I’ll be getting the video camera out and will take video of the progress. He also plans to relocate the security cameras for better coverage.

Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365

Day 35 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Today is a production day for my Amazon Handmade store.

I plan to make several pirate treasure chests and book-shaped treasure boxes. I’ve gathered up several of the Amazon shipping boxes that will give me the cardboard for the basic box.

First round is to build six each small treasure chests and book boxes. I’ll make a template for each.

Then, cut the cardboard. In order to get a substantial “feel” each box will be made of double layers of cardboard.

Next each box will be assembled using my hot glue gun

Then each box will get a decoupage layer of torn brown craft paper and glue. This will give a good base for the decoration and reinforce the joints of the box.

While each will be decorated individually, I’ve decided on some themes:

  • Roses
  • Oak leaves
  • Leather tooling
  • Cats
  • Dragons
  • Straps and studs
  • Combinations

I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos that are my inspiration for this project. None of mine will be more than superficially like the YT examples. I am keeping in mind that I will need to build these with with the goal of selling them to make a profit.

They will need to be shipped to Amazon to be added to the Fulfillment by Amazon program. This will limit the practical size and complexity. Something with fragile 3D decoration will need to be packed quite carefully.

Art and Music Blog or Vlog 365

Day 26 of 365 Blog or Vlog

I still need to make a lot of posts to catch up with this blog project. If I can get a few done every day it won’t take long.

Right now, I’m going to spin some linen yarn.

Later, I’m going to wood burn some more disks for drop spindles.

I may even get some clay out and make a few small projects.