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Progress in the Leather Workshop – Part 2

Yesterday I posted this image of my new leather work desk / station.

The plans for today got cancelled, so I will be addressing this disorganized mess, and starting production.

I moved a magnifying light from my computer desk to the leather desk, replacing the magnifying light with a floor lamp, and my small desk heater over to the leather desk.

My spinning wheel got moved so I can have access to some storage shelves and supplies got moved off the desk until needed. I may take my spinning wheel up to the living room until some of the planned work in my Homestead Office gets completed. (but that project requires it’s own series)

All the small tools and supplies are now organized. I have started tracing out the first pattern for one of the billfolds.

I will be using different patterns for each of the ten kits. I hope to get the tooling done on at least two of them today.

I better get at it!

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