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What is PU Leather?

PU leather is a product made of thermoplastic polymer. It is sometimes advertised as “vegan leather”.

I recently ordered a bag kit made of it. While I would never offer the finished bag for sale on my page, I plan to use the pieces of the kit as a template so I can make bags out of real leather.

I wouldn’t say that it looks bad, just obviously fake. I was rather hoping that I could finish the kit for my own use.

The stitching holes are spaced roughly twice as far apart as they should be on leather. My suspicion is that is intentional as this fake leather is not nearly as wear-resistant as real leather. There is no way to finish and burnish the edges, and the straps are far too narrow to hold up.

I’ll be making these points in my review. I can still use the kit as a template – with major modifications.

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