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Nearly All of the New Leather Work Supplies Finally Arrived

I’m still waiting for the contact cement. That should get here before I’m ready to assemble anything. I could use some more colors of dyes and finishes.

Forty years ago, the accepted practice was to rubber glue the leather to some stiff poster board to keep the leather from stretching during tooling and dyeing. Now the procedure is to use packing tape on the back.

I find it somewhat amazing that I can have nearly everything I need in only four square feet of space. That’s not enough space for laying out the leather and cutting, but I can tool small projects.

We have a curious piece that Rahn collected some time back. It’s the lid to a baby grand piano. Rahn had the genius idea to mount it on sturdy hinges in my office so I can fold it down onto supports when needed as a work desk.

It’s going to have to wait until we can get some things out of my office and get the inside of the walls finished in that corner. I do have another work surface that I can use on a temporary basis.

Now to draw out some designs!

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