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Online Ordering and Anticipation

In getting my leather working tools and supplies ordered, there are a number of items coming from multiple sources. Some things have already arrived, a couple things are arriving today, and the biggest order coming from Tandy Leather hasn’t even shipped yet.

This is making me think about what are going to be my first projects. I had been thinking of diving in on the ten billfold kits from Tandy, but the delay in shipping is putting that on hold. The leather from European Leather is out for delivery, so I’ll be starting with some projects using it.

But what to do?

The leather from European Leather is fairly small – 4 to 6 square feet – so my options are going to be somewhat limited. It is also light weight. Probably too light to make a guitar strap for Rahn. I should be able to make his tooled cuffs, however.

The European Leather Works package arrived. My feelings are somewhat mixed. Other than an obviously permanent crease in the leather, it is a nice size.

I think that if I take advantage of the existing crease in the leather for folds, I can cut out projects fairly well.

It’s a little over six square feet. It is too light weight for a guitar strap, and I think I would need to line it for his cuffs. Excellent weight for billfolds, wrap wallets, ear bud cases, and tooled bracelets. Perhaps a notebook cover.

Now to draw out some patterns and decide on the tooling.

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