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I’m Not Going to Make New Year’s Resolutions

It is something of a truism that people make all these fantastic New Year’s resolutions, but they don’t follow through. I am not going to set myself up for failure.

Instead, I am going to make some doable plans with achievable steps. Rahn an I were discussing how much our homestead has changed in the last four years, and what still needs to be accomplished.

My attention is on how to get an income stream from leatherworking. I have spent a fair amount of money this past week on getting tools, supplies, and leather. The temptation is there to jump straight to offering customized leatherworking.

I’m not ready for that. I need to build up some capital first. What I plan is to make up the 10 billfold kits I purchased from Tandy and sell them on Amazon Handmade. Then re-invest that money in getting more kits and leather.

We’ve identified some local stores that would be good potential places to offer my work at a later date.

The progression I have in mind includes ten to tweleve each:

Billfold kits
Small card wallets
Tooled cuffs

Sell these on Amazon Handmade, re-invest and repeat a couple times. Then add some more expensive projects and see how they perform.

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