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Resurrecting My Leather Tooling Skills

About 40 years ago, I worked at a Tandy Leather store. I added leather tooling to my list of skills, and was pretty good at it.

I lost all my tools and supplies over the years, and have wanted to replace them.

The tools I found on Amazon, some supplies and kits on, and some tooling leather via Amazon from a company called European Leather Works.

Between the number of places my orders are coming from and the Christmas holiday, some things will arrive this week, but most by the end of next week. Still, I’m looking forward to being able to get back into the art form / craft.

One of the things I ordered from Tandy Leather was a 10 pack of billfold kits. I plan to do these for sale. I have a plan for marketing them that will involve my Amazon Handmade account.

One aspect of the Amazon Handmade service to sellers is that I can sell my products on other platforms also, and the orders can be fulfilled with the items in my Amazon Handmade store.

For instance, if I list these on a store page on this website, when someone orders the paid thank you link then triggers the item to be shipped from the items in the Amazon Handmade warehouse. Yes, as seller this costs me a bit. It is potentially more profitable as I then don’t have to have more product at home to fulfill orders. I also don’t have to spend time doing the packing and shipping.

From European Leather Works (not actually European – based in Los Angeles) I ordered some thin tooling leather. I plan to make a couple pairs of tooled cuffs for Rahn. One pair will be black for his performance clothes, one pair will be brown to go with other clothing. If there is enough of this leather, I probably will make some tooled bracelets or cuffs for sale.

The profits from the tooled billfolds will go right back into purchasing more leather. I’d like to make some cases, purses, and more billfolds.

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