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Day 58 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Organizing projects.

Planning some things for this week. I need to do a lot of study, writing, and work on production.


I need to get my head wrapped around Adobe Premier Pro as well as the YouTube Creator programs.

I’ve curated quite a few YT videos for various categories. “Nerd Stuff” includes various technical tutorials. Adobe platform, solar energy, even some Ham radio. I went through and changed the play order of the tutorials so all of the Premiere Pro was in the order I want at the beginning of the folder. This is several hours of tutorials.


I need to put together a number of new posts for the website, posts on Substack (and website posts can be duplicated on Substack) and start writing scripts for new YouTube videos.

I’d like to make at least two dozen posts this week.


This is where I really need to put my attention. I need to organize my YouTube channels, organize my supplies, and come up with an extensive project list.

There are several main divisions in the themes in our website, and this will be duplicated with different YT channels. There are also other video platforms, and I need to look into getting set up on them also.

  • Homestead – Talking about construction, off grid power and water, heating and light
  • Farm – Animals, gardening and harvesting
  • Music and Art – Learning Saxophone, Rahn’s guitar and bass, my various art projects.
  • Fiber and Fabric – Spinning, weaving, sewing, raising flax and cotton
  • Recovering Health and Fitness – Cooking and food storage, diet, exercise, and posts in conjunction with my doctor. He practices with a Christian perspective, and wishes to express some advice and reassurance that something can be done to improve medical issues.

Organizing supplies needs to happen. I have paints, fabrics, sewing supplies, sculpting tools and air dry clay, wood burning tools, jewelry supplies, embroidery threads and tools. Once I can get them in order I can start turning out projects for sale on Amazon Handmade with video tutorials of the making of them.

A short list of planed projects includes:

Bead pendant necklaces
Embroidered and beaded bracelets
Sculpted multimedia boxes
Sculpted knitting bowls

Beaded stitch markers

Knitted projects

This list needs to be considerably expanded with specifics.

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