Blog or Vlog 365 Recovering Health and Fitness

Day 54 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Getting Back on Track

My progress on the 365 Blog or Vlog has fallen by the wayside. Time to fix this. My last post pointed out that I need to do a lot more writing.

We’ve been working on getting a number of things on track in our lives, so getting my blog project back on track fits.

Speaking of getting back on track, Rahn and I joined a gym in Sherman that has a Jacuzzi, pool and sauna. It is much larger than the one we tried before. It is also about 30 percent lower in cost. We don’t need 24 hour access, or the ability to use other locations, and those conditions let us purchase a less-costly package.

We plan to go a couple times a week. I’ll be using the stationary bike, and some low impact exercise in the pool. Rahn plans to get his strength back in his arms, chest & back. We’ll both be spending a good deal of time in the sauna and the Jacuzzi for the various joint pains we’ve collected.

Getting old is not for wimps.

I chose the wool socks picture because the fall equinox is this week, and I had better get going on making some new socks. It’s been so hot until this week that the thought of knitting wool made my fingers sweat.

Socks are the ultimate take-with-you project. I’ve knit them so many times that a pattern is not needed, they fit in the tote bag I use all the time, and people are impressed by the fact that it is possible to make a seamless item.

I need to be much more productive, so socks instead of Facebook makes a lot of sense.

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