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Avoiding Financial Disaster (Day 53 of 365 Blog or Vlog)

When one door closes…

Over the last several weeks I had been working a new online job as administrator on a church promotional project. It was hourly at a rate we were happy with, and my billable hours had been increasing slowly.

On Monday I got the news that the funding of the project had been interrupted, so this would be my last week. I did get the pay for the last two weeks on Tuesday, and I spent a few hours today writing up all the tasks I had been handling for the person that will be taking them over on a volunteer basis.

It was emotionally satisfying to write what I had been doing so the person taking over didn’t have to go through all the flailing around I did and trying to learn the programs on just online videos. It was a good exercise to improve my confidence after the shock of losing the job.

I must admit to feeling virtuous about handing out all that information. The temptation to say “you’ll fail without me” was strong.

Having done that write up, I can now put my attention on how I can replace that income.

Part of that is going to be working on a lot of writing.

I’ll also be getting up to speed on editing video, and will be getting my YouTube channel up and running. A lot of development needs to happen on that, and I hope that I can get my subscriber base up to monetizing level quickly.

Then there is Amazon Handmade. I have quite a few items that need to be entered into the system, packaged, and shipped to Fulfillment by Amazon.

There is a antique mall in town and I would like to see if I can get enough of my work together to rent a shop stall.

A craft festival is coming up in town, and Rahn would like to get us a booth there.


  • Get my head wrapped around Premiere Pro.
  • Write multiple posts for both newsletter and website.
  • Shoot lots more video!
  • Edit and post existing video, add lots of new videos.
  • Promote newsletter, website, Amazon Handmade store using all currently available channels. Add new channels and promote even more widely.
  • Sign up as an Amazon Affiliate. Put affiliate links on and in the YT video descriptions.
  • Make lots of products for Amazon Handmade and local sales.
  • Enter existing products into Amazon Handmade. Shoot and edit pictures. Package and ship to Amazon for FBA.
  • Check into getting a stall at the local antique mall and the craft festival.

Working from home has a lot of positive aspects. It is nice to not have to get up early enough to drive to town, or to have to drive in bad weather. The lack of a huge gasoline bill is VERY nice. If a creative impulse strikes I am free to act on it even if it is in the middle of the night. It’s also good that I do not have to risk being around people that continue to come to work while ill.

The downsides of not having unemployment insurance or employee benefits can be overcome. These new targets are how I plan to overcome the hit to my income. My budget is going to be tight enough to squeak until these actions show results, but I do have a couple other income streams.


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