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Artic Blast Redux

This fast-moving artic blast is not nearly as long, as severe and lacks (at least in our county) the rolling blackouts, but it is testing some of the changes we made after February 2021.

(Lessons from a Dangerous Environment)

Health and Physical Ability: Despite my health challenges mentioned in my last post, both of us are in better shape now than we were in February 2021. Just having defined the problems are helping with handling them. More attention on nutritional needs, and more Kombucha are particularly helpful.

Food: I had more canned food on hand, and was able to put together a bean and burger soup that stayed warm on the wood stove. Hot food makes a great deal of difference in cold weather.

Rahn filled all the 5 gallon bottles, so we had plenty of water for us and the animals.

Shelter: The wood stove helps a lot, but is hard to get to draw. I think I need to get a covered ash bucket so ashes can be removed even if not cold. We still have not been able to improve the insulation, or make a couple key repairs, but the alternate heat source was key to our comfort.

Energy: We did not lose power at any time during this blast, and we do not depend on natural gas. I am still confident that the wood stove would have kept us warmer and safer than we were in February 2021

Progress has been made on the off-grid option. I have gotten two 2-kilowatt inverters, but have not yet obtained the batteries and bits and pieces needed to put everything together.

Clothing: I did get some more wool socks made for both of us. Rahn managed to felt his to the point where even I can’t wear them. I’ll cut them up and knit on new cuffs.

A couple more layers of clothing makes a big difference, fingerless gloves keep my hands more comfortable, and a heating pad to help keep Rahn’s feet comfortable when sitting at his desk are useful upgrades.

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