Blog or Vlog 365 Fiber and Fabric

Day 23 of 365 Blog or Vlog

Some of my fiber tools and projects.

I have a tendency to carry a large tote bag as a purse so I can carry a project or two to work on if I have to wait for something.

I have a metal lunchbox that I use for sock knitting projects. The bamboo sock needles are easily lost or broken, so I made a needle keeper out of some stout fabric and waistband elastic.

A decorative lipstick box makes a great container for yarn needles and stitch markers.

Though my favorite solution to keep stitch markers and  a stitch counter handy is this beaded necklace – a knitter’s chatelaine.

A coin makes a simple way for me to check how consistent my spinning is. After four decades of spinning, this is rarely a problem. Still, when I take pictures of my spinning, the contrast of the coin is effective

While a bent paper clip can do the job of threading the orifice on a spinning wheel, beautiful tools can make the process of fiber art more satisfying.  This orifice hook in black walnut is finished smooth as glass.

My spinning wheel itself is so wonderful to use. It was made for me specifically in 1993, and has some features unique to this wheel.


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