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New trees getting planted

We just got an order of trees that I had paid for last summer.

I was getting rather frustrated with the claims of shutdowns creating delays in shipping. I won’t be ordering from that supplier again., but I need to get these tiny trees planted.

I’ve used markers and tags for plants, paint, and even cut open soda cans written on with ballpoint pen to make a dented label. I’m trying a different option this time.

I have a number of these wood rounds. They do seem particularly appropriate for making plant labels, especially using a wood burning tool.

There are a dozen tiny trees – crepemyrtles, dogwoods, hawthorns, crabapples, and redbuds.

My knee is not up to much physical work today after a fall yesterday. I think I can use some already filled large pots as nursery pots for the trees. I need to finish these labels, and on to another project.

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