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Updating from older blog

We just got your Christmas card. So much has happened this year, that I figured an email would be a better response.

Rahn and I moved the trailer last March we were renting to some family land that Rahn’s sister Karen transferred to us. It was quite the rodeo!

About 45 miles and $1,200, we got it to the property.

The house mover dropped it into a ditch when the trailer tongue collapsed. It took about a week for him to come back with a skid steer to drag it around and into place. Another week, and he came back again to get it leveled and up on piers.

During this time, we were working in town for a few days at a time, and came home one night to discover that the house had been burglarized.  It was heart-breaking, but friends did get my antique sewing machine and my custom-made spinning wheel replaced.

We got grid electric hooked up in the middle of April. Rahn has been working on getting stairs and porches built.

Over the summer, we worked on a number of handyman jobs away from the house.

The projects here at “Art-Ternative Life Farm” are many and varied. We started with meat rabbits, I plan to build a very large garden for next year. Eventually, we expect it to cover our acre of property, and hope to get the adjoining half acre as well.

The rabbit kits are just too stinkin’ cute. We’ve agreed that only the breeding stock gets named, though.

Rahn started an addition to the house for my art and weaving studio for my birthday on December 5th. He had to pause the same day, as he needs to get some plumbing done for our rainwater harvesting system before he blocks access to that part of the underside of the house.

Another birthday present was this vintage sewing machine. With a manufacture date of 1972, it’s the newest of my little collection. The eldest is a 1924 Singer treadle, and the 1957 and 1962 Singers fill in the middle. I’ll be doing a lot of sewing for sale on Amazon handmade page, as well as my AmedaDesigns FB page.

I have lots of spinning, knitting, painting, wood-burning, jewelry, and other projects going. I’m looking forward to having a more organized space to work in!

Meanwhile, he’s doing a fair bit of smoking on “da Beast” a smoker converted from a restaurant vent hood.

All our best, Ameda and Rahn

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