A Homestead is a Living, Evolving Organism

Saying to oneself that if I did this, that, and this other project, my homestead will be “Done” is silly.

Not even a rock is static. It is formed by volcanic forces, or laid down in sediment, or crystallized. It gets eroded, cracked, pulverized, or sculpted by wind and rain. If a rock changes over time, why would anyone expect a home not to?

We all have goals. The “When I grow up, I want to be a ……” is natural, needful, and sometimes happens. Goals also change.

My childhood goal of being an artist has led me in directions I never forsaw. Now I and Rahn are creating an artwork over a canvas nearly an acre in size.

We have goals, and Rahn sometimes complains that “everything I do is temporary”. While this is true on one level, in the bigger picture the current projects are improving the conditions for the next level.


Here are projects that need to get done:

Rahn’s project list
Once these first fifteen get moved to completed, order of next projects will be updated.
1. Chicken tractor DONE!
2. Remove dead trees and buck them up
3. Install barnyard fence with gate – Expand Barnyard
4. Install new stove / wiring / breaker / 220 plug
5. Replace kitchen sink and disposal
6. Rebuild back porch (expanded) and stairs with railings
7. Build new chicken coop
8. Create Rabbit colony / housing in barnyard
9. Front porch with stairs
10. House skirting
11. Office wiring / lights
12. Office insulation
13. Office flooring
14. Office paneling
15. Office porch w/ awning

Raised beds built and filled
Pallets broken down
Den cleared
Den flooring
Den wood stove
Den wood hot water
Kitchen cabinets repaired
Central heat / air unit removed
Old water heater removed / replaced with on-demand
2nd fridge / chest freezer to utility room
Bathroom gut / floor repaired
Washer / dryer in place of central heat & air
Shower in place of tub
Plumbing repair / replace
Water stanchion expansion / freeze – proofing
Water filtration both continuous and drinking water
Water collection gutters / piping
Blow-in insulation in ceiling
Exterior siding repair / replace / insulation
Exterior paint
Repair lawnmower(s) & mow
Build hardscape / landscaping
Repair generator / build generator

Ameda’s Projects

Sew new tobacco pouch for Rahn with camouflage fabric
Excess kitchen stuff cleared
Studio stuff from kitchen to Office
Can goods to cabinets
Utility room shelves cleared
Utility room shelves to Homestead office
Wool wash set up / wash wool
Design solar backup system
Make Dragon Duster for Rahn
Sew new clothes for myself
Organize stash / donate what I can’t use
List items on Amazon Handmade
Create signs for Homestead store
Design flyers for Homestead store
Amazon affiliate links
More production of for sale items
Food processing
Kitchen organize
Set up kombucha brew station in Office
Design labels for kombucha / eggs
Design & print flyers for rabbit sales / kitten re-homing
Work on website / YT edits
Plants started

  • Set up Office – Completed
  • Dish washing station – Completed


Quick charger for phone
Printable stick-on CD labels
Printable business card size labels
Vodka for bottle sanitizing
Large sack sugar
2 boxes family size tea bags
Video Camera PURCHASED
Lapel mic
250′ 12/2 wire
70′ 2″ PVC conduit
Fittings for same
Outlet boxes
Outlets – both interior and exterior
light switch
Pex and connectors
3/4″ PVC sched 40 & fittings
Water filter for continuous filtering
Low micron water filter for drinking water
Water pump with pressure switch
Copper pipe for wood stove hot water
Rain gutters & PVC
Exterior siding
Insulation for house – wall and blow-in for ceiling
Water barrels
Exterior paint and stain
Shower stall
Pressure canner & jars
2nd Fridge or chest freezer
Small trailer & trailer hitch insert
Sanding discs and belts for bench sander
Batteries / inverter / charge controller / wire / solar panels
Repair fittings for water hoses & electric extension cords
Hardware cloth and bird netting for coops / tractors
Float valve for automatic watering system
Rock / gravel / topsoil / mulch

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